Fashion Inspiration: “She Works Hard for the Money…”

One thing I think about a lot is what I’d wear to work if I had a normal office job. Partly, this is because I consider dressing for work a real challenge. I personally need to look presentable in order to take myself seriously. I really believe that working in your pajamas, luxurious though it may seem, also diminishes the importance of what you do – and whatever you do, it’s important, even if you don’t always feel that way.

I often wonder what I would wear if I had to appear in court or a boardroom – I’d want to look sharp and crisp and tailored. So these are the pieces I gravitate towards when I buy outfits designed for daytime in Fall and Winter: tailored wool dresses, crisp jackets and blazers, high-waistedskirts and trousers, and silk pussybow blouses. These things mean business to me, but they still look incredible – and as with most higher-end (and some not-so-high-end) vintage, they look about 1000 times more classy than their modern-day counterparts.

fuchsia 40s wool pink dress $(KGrHqR,!roFHljYCVquBR-YuTWYew~~60_57 norman norell 50s 60s wool skirt suit couture jo copeland 40s 50s leather fur velvet cape vintage twist front 40s 50s hourglass wool navy blue dress norman norell 50s vintage espresso brown wool dress
nina ricci couture vintage 80s houndstooth star print wool skirt suit 40s 1940s vintage

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