Fashion Inspiration: Turn on the Bright Lights

I grew up in the 80s, so I think of neon as being an 80s-related thing. I remember distinctly my surprise when I first saw a 40s rayon dress that had neon color blocking on it. It wasn’t like I thought neon was invented in the 80s, it was just that I had never thought about what it would have looked like beforehand.

Suddenly though I’ve realized we have a whole host of neon garments, particularly from the 60s. 60s pink Pucci silk pants, Adele Simpson hot pink wool dress, hot pink early 60s Jackie O suits, Rudi Gernreich, Thai silk checkerboard dresses, Vollbracht prints. But not just prints – the prints in this case are actually less interesting to me than the idea of head-to-toe, solid traffic-signal-bright color explosions. It’s crazy, and I’m loving the way they all look together!

violetville_blue_-_summer_-2-66 violetville_blue_fall_zena-30 violetville_blue_fall-78 violetville_blue_fall-187 violetville_blue_summer_tim-186 violetville_blue-spring_-3-43 violetville_pink_summer_tim-69_1 violetville_pink-_spring_-5-9 violetville_pink-_spring_-5-45 violetville_pink-_spring_-5-63 violetville_pink-_spring_-5-73 violetville_purple_summer_tim-19_2 violetville_purple_tim-16_1 violetville_purple_tim-96_1











Neon Blonde

Electric Youth

Feeling Hot Hot Hot


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