Fashion Inspiration: Sparkle and Fade

Do you guys remember the band Everclear? They were these punk rockers turned pop-punk megastars in the 90s and *all of you* have heard that song “Santa Monica” – “We can live beside the ocean / Leave the fire behind / Swim out past the breakers / Watch the world die” (You’re welcome for getting that song into your head for the foreseable future!).

Anyways Amber and I both saw Everclear perform in the 90s during their SPARKLE AND FADE tour. Timony, who’s much younger than us in all her adorableness was like, “Who / What?!”

This week is all about the SPARKLE AND FADE!  The best sequins, paillettes, spangles, sparkly metallics, sassy fringe, and all the other embellishments that make you want to shimmy, shake, and sass your way into the sunshine of the following day (this is when the Fade comes in).

Oh and say Heyyyy to our new model Zena xoxo!! Rawr.

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