Fashion for Animals: Duck and Cover

Fletcher completely and instantaneously captured our hearts here at Violetville (read the story HERE). When I took him to the wildlife rescue center, I was devastated. I cried for hours and stayed in for days afterward just to process the experience.

What I took away from it was this: I want to help. I’m not a crusader, but I would like to incorporate more of my love for animals into my daily life and work, and I want to use whatever small platform I might have with Violetville to help animal rescue organizations in whatever way I can.

Selling vintage clothing isn’t the smartest business plan. I marvel daily at how much easier it would be to have 5 or 50 or 500 of an item and be able to photograph / measure / describe it just once – but vintage clothing holds for me a fascination that I don’t often find with new merchandise. It’s a labor of love, but I do it because I find love far more compelling than money.

So, periodically, we’ll be featuring animal rescues and offering you the option to donate a few dollars to help them out. Sometimes we’ll have special offers involving a particular rescue. Sometimes we’ll just be taking cute photos of girls and guys and their animal friends.

The point is this: to me anyways, fashion and animals go hand in hand. They both mean something to me – and I hope some of you will feel similarly.




(photos in this post by Kevin Scanlon at




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